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Warm congratulations on the opening of Andanda Industrial Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.

Date : 2020-10-03

        On November 11, 2020, Mr. Zhang Jing, vice general manager of Andanda, Ms. Zhang Min, vice general manager of Andanda and Mr. Lu Cigang, general manager of Andanda Industrial Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., attended the ribbon cutting ceremony of Andanda Industrial Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., witnessing this landmark moment.

        Andanda integrates design with R&D and production to foster all-category personal safety protection brand, adopts “digital technology plus safety protection technology” to build PPE ecological chain, help clients realize high quality one-stop purchasing, and provide professional solutions. With affiliated professional brands such as Andanda®, and AIWIN®, Andanda mainly deals in products including protection of heads, hearing, hands, feet, and bodies, covering in-vogue products like safety hats, masks, gloves, and safety shoes etc. Andanda serves the clients of 10000 plus advanced manufacturing industry by offering a full range of high quality, cost-effective products.


        Mr. Zhang Jing, vice general manager of Andanda, said in his speech that ensuring life safety is the mission of our enterprise. Epidemic situation has changed safety protection awareness of Chinese people and even the people around the world, and has also made Andanda more determined to be actively involved in safety protection. With such a mission in mind, we have invested a lot of resources in R & D and channel control to integrate supply chain, improve product performance, and lower product price. It’s of strategic significance for Ningbo Andanda to be the first enterprise to settle in "Anjia Ecology". We hope that Ningbo Andanda will grow into an advanced manufacturer of respiratory protection products and customized protection products with the help of digital manufacturing technology and advanced material technology. Finally, let’s wish Ningbo Andanda a prosperous future!

        Mr. Lu Cigang, general manager of Andanda Industrial Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., says that we should become an enterprise with craftsman’s spirit to strictly control quality, realize lean production, ensure life safety, and contribute to the cause of personal protection.

        Andanda consistently takes customers’ safety as the first priority. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality personal protection products by means of standard-surpassing quality control, superior innovation and design so as to ensure the safety of users. We show concern for our employees, care about users’ safety and product use experience, so that every worker and consumer can use safety protection products of best quality. Andanda's lean improvement shows that we attach great importance to industrial safety, and strive to ensure life safety of every consumer.