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New Products of Andanda

Date : 2020-11-03
        As a brand-new year, 2020 is also the year when all the people fight against the epidemic. Devoted to the full range of PPE, Andanda has also been fully involved in fighting against the epidemic to put customers’ safety and customers’ experience in the first place, making them safer, more comfortable and more assured. Today, let’s wait expectantly for Andanda’s new products to be available on markets soon!

        First of all, what comes into your view is our new product, 10166 Leisure series multifunctional safety shoes. There must be a lot of questions in your mind. Why should you choose this type of safety shoes?

        Q1:How can we reduce the weight of safety shoes by 20%? 

        A1:Our upper vamps adopt mesh cloth design to enhance ventilation while reducing the weight of shoes. Meanwhile, we also add wear-resistant TPU patches on mesh cloth to enhance service life of upper ramps. Secondly, we use the foamed EVA insole commonly used in sports casual shoes to reduce the weight of soles while enhancing elasticity and flexibility of soles, which provides better support for soles and improves comfortableness of long-time wearing. Thirdly, we use glass fiber to cover shoe fronts and Kevlar anti-puncture insoles to replace common steel toecaps and steel insoles, so our product weight can be reduced by 20%, which can better solve bulky problem of safety shoes.

        Q2:Will Leisure series multifunctional safety shoes be more comfortable instead of pinching toes?

        A2: The whole shoes adopt the lasts more suitable for Chinese people. Foot shape of Europeans is quite narrow while that of Asians, especially Chinese people, is relatively wide. Wearing European safety shoes will make our toes pinched and rubbed, so the foot soles of our safety shoes are widened. Our new glass fiber composite toecaps widen the distance between toes to give them some space for moving while protecting them, because safety shoes prevent non-accidental injuries from happening.

        Q3:How about the anti-skid property of safety shoes?

        A3:Adopting all-rubber material and unique pattern design, such outsoles are more anti-skid, wear-resistant, oil resistant and water resistant compared with ordinary PU outsoles. Meanwhile, our Andanda’s bottom pattern design increases bottom contact area, furthermore, water and oil can be discharged through designed grooves, easily conforming to standard requirements of European standard SRC.

        Q4:Do multifunctional safety shoes only have such three functions?
         A4:Anti-impact, anti-static pressure, anti-puncture, SRC anti-skid, oil-resistant, heat-resistant contact, 10kV electric insulation

        Leisure series multifunctional safety shoes can eliminate three major pain points of the industry to free your feet, being safer, more comfortable, as well as beautiful and light. Please rest assured to choose them.

        Our new products have been developed to apply to respiratory protection, and long-awaited new Andanda masks have been finally put on markets. Our brand Andanda has been upgraded in design. The shield with A in Andanda is used as our brand logo, and anti-counterfeiting logo of our products as well. In future, our anti-counterfeiting logo will be printed on each product and outer packing. The shield symbolizes safety, protection and sheltering from danger. Make life safer also indicates that the quality and performance of our products will be made even better.

        This time, our new masks are presented in form of combined series, and are mainly divided into planar series and folding series. Planar series includes disposable protective masks, disposable activated carbon masks, and disposable medical masks. They are light, comfortable and odorless. PFE (particle filtration efficiency) can reach over 95%, and BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) of medical masks can reach over 95%.  

        Folding series includes ear-wearing KN95, head-wearing KN95 and head-wearing KN95 with valve, which can meet the needs of different customer groups and scenes due to their exquisite design and reliable quality. These three masks all conform to GB 2626-2006 executive standard, with filtration efficiency more than 95%. Virus is isolated but love is not. Show concern for your family and even care about you more. Of course, we will put head-wearing activated carbon KN95 on markets at the end of this month. Let’s wait and see.

        To experience product performance in a more intuitive way, you are welcome to attend our exciting product test activity. There will be lots of prizes and surprises on the test site. Let's look forward to it! 
        Welcome to big survival experience of safety shoes feet! Our safety shoes are of high quality and can stand test from other shoes. 


Mask Performance Appraisal Activity

        So far, you have had a certain understanding of protection level of Andanda PPE. Not only its technology conforms to  standard, but also its safety is guaranteed. We focus on making products according to the strictest standard and are professional in offering protective products. Andanda is worthy of your trust, make life safer!