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Ecological chain of safety protection Creating a new future though cooperation

Date : 2020-10-03

Recruitment of Andanda channel partners is in progress, with Andanda PPE assurance policy and double quality guarantee. Industrial products usher in new development opportunities.  

R & D of full-category products
High quality one-stop purchase
Digital solutions
Cost-effective and considerate service
National warehousing layout
Multi-dimensional brand construction  

Six Core Advantages of Andanda

01.R & D of Full-category Products

Andanda has its own R & D lab and factory, with a full range of products. Based on market demands and users' feedback, our company has developed high quality products to really meet production requirements, build one-stop purchase mode for channel partners, and make related channel partners coordinate efficiently and conveniently. We strive to provide high quality personal protection products for customers by means of standard-surpassing quality control, superior innovation and design, so as to ensure users’ safety and serve the clients of 10000 plus advanced manufacturing industry.

02.High Quality One-stop Purchase

With affiliated professional brands such as Andanda®, and AIWIN®, Andanda mainly deals in products including protection of heads, hearing, hands, feet, and bodies, and covering in-vogue products like safety hats, masks, gloves, and safety shoes etc. One-stop integration can reduce time cost and solve freight problem for channel partners, give positive energy to suppliers, build PPE ecological chain, and help clients realize high quality one-stop purchasing. 

03.Digital Solutions

Andanda strives to make digital strategic plans, and build our own digital platform. More enterprises will benefit from realization of such paths as CRM, PDM, SRM, ERP, ESP, TMS, SCM, and BI etc., combined with Andanda official website. Meanwhile, we utilize digital equipment to make customized services available, build our digital link factory, and bring more efficiency to channel partners. 

04.Cost-effective and Considerate service

Industrial product industry has been growing towards digitalization, informatization and intelligentization. Andanda will use digital platform to provide cost-effective products, adhere to channel partners oriented strategy, give positive energy to channel partners, offer good quality products and perfect support services, including whole-process technical support and training support, multi-industry solutions, customized product solutions for ensuring the benefits of channel partners and end-users.

05.National Warehousing Layout

With nationwide service outlets, we build all-channel service networks, respectively combining general warehouses in ten major regions of Shanghai, Wuxi, Tianjin, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, and Wuhan, covering nationwide key industrial parks, which enables us to build a comprehensive warehousing layout and solve delivery problem to the greatest extent.

06.Multi-dimensional Brand Building

Andanda breaks through traditional mode, and broadens channel marketing mode to invest a lot of manpower and material resources so as to create brand-exclusive value, increase brand exposure, enhance transformation, and give positive energy to end-users.

In 2020, domestic industrial enterprises are accelerating their digital transformation to continuously increase growth rate of industrial products, integrate sales channels, and provide opportunities for industry development. Under double guarantee of policy and quality, Andanda has embraced new opportunities for further development. Dear partners, let's go with the new era of industrial internet and cooperate jointly for a new future!